Cricket 1950

Through the pattern of this film a ‘Test’ at Lord’s runs like a thread and a broadcast commentary on the match is imposed on the background of cricket as a game, a craft, an interest of a people, a piece of history. The craftsmen are shown who make the ball and the bat–that ‘fourth straight stick’ with which the batsmen defend ‘the other three’. The craftsmen are shown who play the game, from W. G. Grace in the ‘nets’ to D. G. Bradman and Denis Compton in the thread of the ‘Test’. The history of the game is epitomized in the Long Room shots at Lord’s and from there the camera moves to the village green; to the London side- street where the urchins play on a ‘bumping pitch’; to South Africa, and India, where in the ‘blinding light’ there is often ‘an hour to play and the last man in.

Cricket 1982

1997: A village cricket team (complete with computerised Wisden Almanac with the voice of Brian Johnson) is suspected of moonlighting as a private guerilla arm, fighting the Forestry Commissio

The Cricket 1980

An impressionable young woman's relationship with an aging prostitute leads to a job as a maid at a brothel.

Trobriand Cricket 1975

An anthropological documentary about the people of the Trobriand Islands and their unique innovations to the game of cricket.

A Very Merry Cricket 1973

A sequel to "A Cricket in Times Square," in this feature a musical cricket returns to his New York City home and his friends, a cat and a mouse, to discover the meaning of Christmas.

Cricket on the Hearth 1967

A delightful, animated musical version of Charles Dickens' classic tale. A Cricket on the Hearth, tells the story of a poor toymaker and his daughter whom a helpful Cricket named Crocket befriends on Christmas morning. When tragedy strikes the family, it's Crocket who comes to the rescue and restores peace and happiness.

Davey Cricket 1965

Charlie Beary tries to relax but is unaware of a cricket loose in the house. He hears a squeak coming from Bessie's vacuum cleaner.

A Cricket in the Ear 1976

Two young men decide to migrate to the big city. While on the road, they start considering the ways of life through the relationships in the society.

It's Not Cricket 1949

Kicked out of Army Intelligence, a pair of upper class twits set up as private detectives. The result is refined English chaos. " This is the regettable story of two Drones who didn't even know their own Zones. It starts in Germany, gets nowhere and stops at nothing." Radford and Wayne, cashiered from the army when they let a captured Nazi escape, become private detectives who later get involved with the same German and a missing diamond ...

Yankee Doodle Cricket 1975

The War of Independence has begun, and Tucker the Mouse, Harry the Cat and Chester C. Cricket are indispensable to the American colonies' effort to free themselves from the rule of the despotic English king. Harry and Tucker help Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. Chester creates the tune for "Yankee Doodle Dandy." And all the animals--including John and Marsha, the lightning bugs--help Paul Revere spread the message that the British are coming. [Plot summary written by J. Spurlin.]

Fanchon, the Cricket 1915

A young wild girl Fanchon ( Mary Pickford ) lives in a forest with her eccentric grandmother who is suspected by the villagers of being a witch. The unkempt Fanchon suffers from her grandmother's sorceress reputation. One day the girl rescues a boy from drowning and they fall in love, but Fanchon won't agree to marry him unless his father asks her. A year later the boy has fallen very ill and it is only the presence of the enchanting Fanchon that helps to restore his health.

The Very Quiet Cricket 1993

A little cricket has lost his song - he rubs his wings together and nothing happens. He sets off to find his voice and meets all kinds of creatures who make all kinds of noises, but still he can make no sound at all. One day he meets a special friend, another cricket and this time, when he rubs his wings together, he makes "the most beautiful sound you have ever heard." The sound, produced by a hidden chip, reinforces the joyful conclusion to the cricket's dilemma.

The Cricket on the Hearth 1909

After three years at sea, Edward returns home to find his sweetheart forced into an engagement with a much older man.

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs 2009

Happy Cricket wants to launch a CD and opens a school of music for needy children. Big T, a toad leader of a rap group, also wants to launch a CD to improve his life. However, Petal, a beautiful cricket singer appears and becomes Happy Cricket's beloved and pivot of a musical dispute between Happy Cricket and Big T. They also have to face great adventures against Trambika, the villain who wants to copy and sell their songs illegally.

A Cricket in Times Square 1973

Chester Cricket gets trapped inside a picnic basket and transported from his home in Connecticut to the middle of New York City. Alone and lost, he meets up with Harry and Tucker, a cat and mouse that have somehow become friends, and with Mario, a young boy who works with his father at a Times Square newsstand. When it's discovered that Chester can play songs he hears from the radio just by rubbing his legs, people begin to come from all around to listen. Though Chester is happy with his new-found friends, he will eventually have to say good-bye and return to his home.

Cricket in the '50s 2006

The decade of the 1950s in Australian cricket takes us from the end of the ‘Bradman Era' through to the beginning of the ‘Benaud Era'. Bonus Material of 1958/59 Aus v Eng Test Match.

Cricket in the '60s 2006

The 1960s began with what has been regarded as the 'Greatest Test Series Ever Played', Australia v West Indies in 1960/61, then all the drama of the 1961 Tour of England with the 'Battle of the Ridge' and the dramatic final day at Old Trafford.

Cricket in the '80s 2004

The schism caused by the World Series Cricket revolution in the late '70s, the rise and dominance of world cricket by the West Indies, the simultaneous retirements of Greg Chappell, Dennis Lillee and Rod Marsh followed closely by the defection of sixteen players to play cricket in isolated apartheid South Africa in return for lucrative financial inducements saw Australian cricket slump to possibly the lowest point in its once illustrious history.

Cricket in the '70s 2002

The 1970's, a period memorable for the quality of it's cricket and for the transformation of the sport into professionalism.

Cricket Star

Cricket Star is an interactive, multimedia talent hunt for the world's best young cricketer. The first season of Cricket Star aired from December 2006 to March 2007 on DoorDarshan and Zee TV. The passion, drama and energy captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers who followed the unravelling story on television, across the Internet and through their mobile phones. The winner, Sukhvir Singh, was awarded a contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club. Cricket Star India is the first programme in a 5-year international roll out, and the new series is scheduled to air in early 2008. This series will focus on the exciting new Twenty20 format, which Cricket Star helped introduce into India, as the Cricket Star contestants were put through a series of Twenty20 matches to test their skills. Public interest and excitement around the Twenty20 format continues to grow following India's surprise win of the inaugural World Twenty20 in South Africa in 2007. With the growth of this novel format of the game, there are new opportunities for cricketers with Twenty20 skills to shine. Visit the Official website here: Cricket Star The Cricket Star formula is as simple as it is compelling:

Cricket AM 2006

Cricket AM is a Saturday-morning cricket-based television programme broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports 1. It began broadcasting in May 2006, and is largely based on its successful football-related counterpart Soccer AM, as a replacement during the football off-season. The show lasts for 90 minutes and for the 2010 season is presented by Matt Floyd, who has taken over from Simon Thomas, and Sarah-Jane Mee, the latter taking over from Anita Rani. During the English Cricket Season either an England test or game or a County Cricket game follows the programme.

Cricket Superstar

Cricket Superstar is an Australian cricket-based reality television series that airs on Fox8. Working on an weekly elimination format, the winner will receive a rookie-contract with his state and a scholarship to the Centre of Excellence. The winner was 21 year old Victorian, Ian Holland.

The Cricket Show

The Cricket Show is an Australian cricket television show, screened during the lunch breaks of Test matches in Australia on the Nine Network. Currently hosted by former Australian Test cricketer Michael Slater with support from his former international teammate fast bowler Brett Lee. It also features other members of Nine's commentary team, such as Mark Taylor, Ian Healy and Mark Nicholas. The show focuses on interviews with Australian domestic and international cricket, as well as reports and updates from cricket matches being played around the world. Simon O'Donnell hosted the show from 1997 but left to join The AFL Footy Show. Michael Slater replaced him in the summer of 2011/2012.

ICC Cricket 360°

The International Cricket Council telecasts a weekly program on television called ICC Cricket 360°. It is produced by IMG. It is a weekly 30 minute program & provides the latest cricket news, recent cricket action including all Twenty20, Test cricket and One-Day International matches, as well as off-field features and interviews. The show is televised by 11 different broadcasters in 110 countries and has an audience of about 95 million people all over the world. This show covers almost all aspects of world cricket.

Cricket on Five

Cricket on 5 is a UK television program on Channel 5 showing highlights of England's Test cricket, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals. The program is produced by Sunset & Vine.

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