The Player 1992

A Hollywood studio executive is being sent death threats by a writer whose script he rejected - but which one?

Player 2013

Player follows a righteous, self-controlled and rather boring lawyer (Bjerg), who is sent to Nice on a divorce case. As he arrives, everything starts go wrong – he is cheated out of $2 million company money and the future looks bleak, when he meets his old buddy, a gambler of easy virtue (Christensen).

The Violin Player 2018

A celebrated violin player, Karin, has to end her stellar career after a car accident makes her fingers stop working their magic. She starts teaching students who are twenty years younger than her, only to find herself falling in love with Antti, one of her students. They are not an easy match, both being passionate about the music and overly ambitious about their careers.

The Card Player 2004

Policewoman Anna Mari is forced to play a dangerous game with the title serial killer. If she loses, she witnesses the maniac's tortured victims having their throats cut in explicit close-up detail via webcam. She teams up with British cop John Brennan to find out the identity of the murderer.

Player 2008

The story of a claustrophobic relationship between a single mother and her piano prodigy son. Arriving in a tight-knit rural community, the pair become embroiled in local romances which push their own relationship to boiling point.

Best Player 2011

Chris Sanders and Quincy are both involved in a video game called "Black Hole", and they both want to win the tournament with a $175,500 prize. Quincy then tries to sabotage Chris, but it all goes wrong, because Chris' mom Tracy thinks that Quincy is her Internet date. Quincy lies to Tracy on their first date saying that he is a Home Ec. teacher at Chris' school. Right before the tournament, Chris figures out that Quincy was lying about everything. So, Chris decides that she will "destroy" him at the tournament. Quincy ends up forfeiting the tournament to show that he is sincerely sorry. Tracy takes him back, and they go to Chris' prom. Chris decides to go with her love interest in the movie, Ash.

Player 2012

Sam is a professional gambler complete with the whole package--highs and lows in fortune, an ex-wife with money, and an estranged son. Rivalry comes to a head when Sam starts living with a much-younger woman. From then on only one rule applies—win when it counts, at any price.

Player 5150 2008

Joey (Ethan Embry, Can't Hardly Wait) is a successful day trader at a high-end brokerage house, he has a beautiful fiancée and a home on the beach. He has it all and a lot to lose. Now the gambling addiction that has plagued him for years has him on the run and he must put everything on the line...including his life.

Accordion Player 1888

The last remaining film of Le Prince's LPCCP Type-1 MkII single-lens camera is a sequence of frames of his son, Adolphe Le Prince, playing a diatonic button accordion. It was recorded on the steps of the house of Joseph Whitley, Adolphe's grandfather.

Sassy Player 2009

A girl school in town plans to found male football team, so it's the first year that the school allows boys to enroll. But, there are only 16 boys who come for the admission and 7 of them turn out to be transsexual. Anyway, as the big final match is going to start soon, the boys are the only hope to reach for the champion. They're put into a tough, and unusual training by former professional football players, and teacher Tukky, a domestic science teacher turns to football coach. This is a great opportunity for the boys to prove their spirit and potentiality.

The Bit Player 2013

A socio-realist drama-comedy film, it follows a seemingly usual day in the life of LOIDA MALABANAN (Vilma Santos) as she embarks on yet another shooting day of a soap opera as an extra. As the shoot goes on, we get a glimpse of the truth in the ruling system of the production as well as the exploitation of the marginalized laborers like her.

Def Jam's How to Be a Player 1997

Dray is a young playboy whose only objective in life seems to be to have sex with as many girls as he can without getting caught by his girlfriend Lisa. Dray's sister Jenny and her friend Katrina plan to show him that the way he lives is wrong and organize a party in Malibu, inviting all of his girlfriends.

Piano Player 2014

The creative documentary Piano Player is a story about the piano player and musician Oscar Strock, who was a well known tango music composer in 1920s Europe. Nobody knew him – only his music was well known. The life of Strock is like a side-show of everlasting debts, long voyages and wild and unlucky love affairs that find their best interpretation through his tango music. The piano player is a man, who barely arranges his life according to the political and economic circumstances in the world. To earn money, he plays for pubs and cinema theatres in Riga, Berlin and Paris, and for lovers, he writes the most romantic tango music.

Bit Player 2011

This is a short and poignant story about the life of the main heroine Anna and her hellish journey from dream to become a film actress, through communist torture, to the monastic quarters. A story of double standards, hypocrisy and cruelty of the past and present.

The Chess Player 1927

In 1776, an inventor conceals a Polish nobleman in his chess-playing automaton, a machine whose fame leads it to the court of the Russian empress.

Mr. & Mrs. Player 2013

Chinese Feng Shui master Carson was a "Natural Born Player", taking names and breaking hearts. Fate had it that he would meet his match, the hot veterinarian Chi-Ling. It was love at first sight but neither could stand the other's fickle nature lest the affair might have ended as soon as it began. Chi-Ling's roommates, Big S and Small S came up with a perfect plan – to invite Carson to move in with Chi-Ling and make him promise to have no sexual contact with any girls for 100 days. Carson accepted the challenge without a second thought. Yet, the two sisters and his ex-lovers took turns in seducing him. Ninety difficult days have since passed, the biggest temptation arrived in the form of the hottest bachelor in Hong Kong, Daniel Lee began courting Chi-Ling. At the same time, Karen, Carson’s first love, suddenly came back into his life. Would these star crossed lovers cross the finish line together?

Player Two 2016

Player Two is a short animation that explore the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.

Player 2 2015

A short documentary about women that play organized pinball in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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